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Never fear the MEGA GOPoo Party Pack is here! That's right the creators of Dumps for Trump are kicking it up a notch with this special edition GOPoo Party Pack including the classic Dumps for Trump & Poos for Pence bags as well as Kraps for Kavanaugh & Stools for Huckabee Sander pet waste bags! Each unit comes with 3 rolls of 15 bags adorned with the tiny faces of our least favorite GOP faces and will put a smile on your face even when doing the dirtiest of deeds.

GOPoo Party Pack Includes
Dumps for Trump - 3 Rolls
Poos for Pence - 3 Rolls
Kraps for Kavanaugh - 3 Rolls
Stools for Huckabee Sanders - 3 Rolls

MEGA GOPoo Party Pack

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